disney animated movie about a law student who finds out she’s a princess and doesn’t have to deal with law school after all








tumblr you can keep your glorified nostalgia about the wild thornberries and tony hawk’s pro skater and getting to hold the flea-ridden stuffed lion during the d.a.r.e program and what have you because THIS right here.  now THIS was the essence of the 90s


oh man it took me literally 2 seconds of this video to remember exactly how the rest of it went

I hated this commercial. Turns out I still hate it.


I CAN’T FUCKING STOP LAUGHING its as awful as i remembered it

i cant quite explain this commercial and how it came back to me like

i couldnt remember the exact words by heart but. everything they said chimed in my head like a song i’d heard a long time ago. it was almost rhythmic, buried deep in my memory. it was probably the most bizarre way ive ever remembered something.

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Today I was publicly shamed on Facebook by one of my classmates, a 40-year-old woman who calls herself “leftistgrrl” or some shit like that. In a conversation with someone else about something totally unrelated, this woman interjected with a comment basically saying that my opinion wasn’t valid because I wear, “roughly 6 cups of foundation and a pound of eyeliner”.

I see commentary all the time on here about not shaming women for the amount of makeup they choose to wear or not to wear. And I like or reblog it because that just seems like common sense to me, you know? Some people wear makeup because they have bad skin, and some people don’t wear makeup because they have bad skin. Some people only wear makeup on special occasions. Some people like the way their faces look without makeup, and that’s fine! And some people like their faces better with makeup, and that’s fine too! And some people, like me, really enjoy doing their makeup and think it’s an art.

I never thought that the amount of makeup I wear would be turned into a weapon used against me by another woman, especially one who purportedly is a “leftist” or a “liberal” and probably considers herself a feminist.

I have had a lot of horrible shit said about me. People have insidiously spread rumors that I’m a slut. I have been called a cunt to my face. Never have I been so ashamed, hurt, and humiliated as when another woman public devalued my opinion by tying it to the amount of makeup I choose to wear. 

Never have I realized how important those likes and reblogs were, until now.


In the vein of Lemony Snicket, a series  of unfortunate events for 20-somethings, via BuzzFeed Books.

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Being confident in yourself is so rare that people actually get mad at you if you are.

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Yesterday, a 2L (I’m a 3L) pulled me aside and validated some advice I had given her early last year that she didn’t believe then and she thanked me.

She also said she’s sorry we didn’t become closer, because she thinks I’m loyal and a good friend.

It warmed my heart and made me so happy for the rest of the day.